Listening to Heretic's Music?

Recently, one of the young men at our church asked me about listening to Christian music group, Phillips, Craig, and Dean (PCD).  For those unaware, PCD do not believe in the historic Christian doctrine of the Trinity and believe water baptism is essential for salvation.  Thus the question was, ‘Should we listen to their music?’  Here’s a slightly edited version of the email I sent him.

Great question.  The first thing I want to say is I think this is a matter of conscience. I don’t think it’s inherently sinful to listen to them.  That being said, I think those (and I’ve heard this before) who say ‘most of their songs are fine’ are being too simplistic.

Think about the reality of what we are saying.  It’s possible that PCD are not saved.  Not understanding the Trinity means they cannot accurately understand the cross and many other Christian beliefs.  So, if you chose to listen, do not check your brain at the door.  Listen CLOSELY to the lyrics – evaluate everything that comes from them.

Furthermore, despite how proficient they are as singers, remember that Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.  Furthermore, guard yourself against taking the reality of their spiritual condition lightly.  We’re not talking about difference on secondary matters.  We are talking about a blasphemous view of the being and character of God himself.  We’re talking about adding a work (water baptism) to the finished work of Christ. . . .

So, again let me say that I don’t think it’s inherently sinful to listen to the music, just as it is not inherently sinful to listen to music by unsaved performers.  However, listening to PCD might lead to a sinful attitude towards sin (taking lightly what God says is weighty, namely his nature and character).  It might even be possible for theological seepage to occur if you’re not careful.  Bad theology in an essential area will invariably lead to bad theology in lesser areas too.

That’s my thoughts.  I hope they were helpful.

Pastor John


  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Dave.

    Jason, if you click on the highlighted line that begins “PCD do not believe” it will take you to a well-documented article about what they do and do not believe. In terms of the lyrics, that was part of my counsel to the young guy I originally talked to. I’m not sure, but I would put the discern-o-meter on HIGH when listening to their stuff.


  2. John: I checked out the link (don’t know why I didn’t click before!). I have been a fan of James White and AOMIN for some time. It goes without saying, though, that we should always listen with discerning ears. Thanks for this post!

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