Worth Noting on August 14

> Bryan Chapell’s Christ-Centered Worship is now available at great discount from Westminster Books.  It has glowing endorsements from Tim Keller, Phil Ryken, and D. A. Carson.  If it’s anywhere near as helpful as his Christ-Centered Preaching, it will be well-wroth getting!  Also on sale is Chapell’s new commentary on Ephesians.  Here’s the promotional video for the book –

> Having recently been introduced to David Platt’s ministry at the Church at Brook Hills, I have been slowly soaking up his passionate and insightful teaching on Scripture.  I’ve also found that his church produced a ‘worship album’ called Awaken. More than just singing, it includes snippets of  Platt’s teaching, and is excellent on both fronts.

> Justin Taylor provides some helpful information on the origins of the very familiar painting that hangs above my kitchen table (along with many others, I imagine).

> The Andrew Fuller Center for Baptist Studies is hosting conference on “Baptist Spirituality” which looks great.

> At the Sola Panel, Paul Grimmond begins relfecting on how to go about preparing an evangelistic talk.  In this case it was wanting to explain the gospel of Chirst through the topic, “Free for Sex or Living in Bondage?”

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