More on Reading the Bible

Previously, I posted about John MacArthur’s idea of reading shorter books of the Bible every day for a month, and dividing larger books into sections to be read every day for a month.   Reading something over and over again might at first seem tedious.  The reality is, though, you are attempting to etch your mind with God’s word.

Having recently begun doing this, it’s amazing how much better you see the flow of a book after reading it everyday for month.  The themes begin highlighting themselves as the text’s meaning begins to unravel in your mind.  You come away with a better, clearer understanding of the book as a whole.

For anyone that would want to wade into a long-term plan of reading like this, I’m finished part one of a reading guide for the entire Bible according to this plan which can be downloaded here.  It breaks down every book into readable chunks. (It’s designed to be a single page, front and back that can be folded and kept in a Bible, notebook, etc). Eventually this guide will give a rationale and encouragement for this kind of reading, as well as a brief (one paragraph) introduction to each book of the Bible.

Obviously, if you choose to go this route, you can divide up the longer books any way you want.   This is just offered as a help, not the final word.  Although some thought did go into the divisions.  For example, some prophetic books which are small are grouped with other smaller, related books.   The Psalms was divided up according to the number of verses, rather than straight chapters.   Furthermore, I tried to break up larger books (i.e. Genesis) where the narrative breaks were rather than simple dividing the numbers of chapters up evenly.  That being said, I tried to get a similar amount of reading for each day balancing the differences in reading didactic writing versus narrative.  But again, feel free to improve on my divisions!

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