Summa Curiosita :: 5/29

  • Jean Williams over at the Matthias Media “Sola Panel” has a good post on seeing unanswered prayer as a gift from the Lord.
  • Joshua Harris explains why he will not encourage his congregation to use twitter during the services.  He provides what I think is excellent, thoughtful advice on tweeting specifically as well as worship and cultural trends more generally (HT: Justin Taylor)
  • Biblical Preaching shares a little about how some Chinese pastors were trained to know and proclaim God’s word in a program called 66:33:1.  This puts to shame much of my teaching from an excellent college and seminary.  (HT: Unashamed Workman).
  • Although some of the images are cheesy, TruthCrossing has done a good job turning some very poignant comments from Dr Mohler’s convocation message, “The Year of Living Dangerously” into a good YouTube video.  The comments can be appolied aby any Christian, but are especially targeted towards pastors – men, take heed!  (Check out the entire message at SBTS’ resources site.)
  • For my fellow Southern Baptists out there (or those interested in the inner workings of the denomination), Tom Ascol has a good post on thinking through a disturbing announcement from our International Missions Board and a new movement calling for a Great Commission Resurgence.
  • And for a little humor into the weekend.  This pic was taken by a friend of mine who lives in Niger, West Africa.  Having been there twice to work with him, this doesn’t surprise me, but it does make me laugh!

Niger Taxi

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