Christ Our Passover

Christ Our Passover

(To the tune of The Church’s One Foundation)

Called through the flaming glory to set God’s people free,
The keeping of God’s promise, for all the world to see,
The prophet warned of judgment against the hardened land,
That held God’s people captive, against His strong command.

The angel of God’s vengeance passed all throughout the land.
Yet for his humbled people, he stayed his wrathful hand,
A lamb would be salvation, its blood a covering;
It served to shield the faithful, its life an offering.

In time God’s loving kindness in fullness was revealed.
By blood his wrath averted, the covenant was sealed –
God gave the perfect off’ring in his eternal Son;
Sin, guilt, and death defeated, salvation fully won!


  1. Thanks for posting something most of the blogs I follow haven’t posted for a while. It is good to have something to finally look at.

    Did you learn this at the Basics conference?

  2. Actually, in the course of preaching through the Bible, I’ve come to realize we have some major deficiencies in our what we sing about. So, I wrote this as a song of response after my sermon on the book of Exodus. Since song-writing is not something I get as much practice with as my sermon-writing (!), any constructive feedback is welcome.

    One the Basics Conference, we did get to hear some of the Getty’s new songs – all excellent. The new cd should be out in a month, we were told. We got the basic piano music for one of the songs, “By Faith.”

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