Free Sermons from Alistair Begg

Today, Truth for Life ministries announced that they are following the recent trend of other ministries and making all of Alistair Begg’s sermons free for mp3 download.   This begins next monday.  Here’s what their newsletter said –

This is always an exciting month for Parkside Church and Truth For Life. It is both humbling and thrilling to watch as our church building is invaded by a mighty army of fellow foot soldiers, my colleagues in pastoral ministry. As of now, the expected numbers exceed anything we have seen before. There is little doubt that our sustained commitment to “the basics of Gospel ministry” is finding an echo in pastors’ hearts and building momentum that bodes well for the future of evangelicalism in America.

In conjunction with the conference, we will be announcing the latest venture from Truth For Life. On May 11, 2009, we are making our archives of downloadable MP3 messages available for free. Let me encourage you to take immediate advantage of this and also to make it as widely known as you possibly can. This plan is in keeping not only with our stated purpose, but also with the expressed desire of the apostles to make every effort to proclaim the Gospel.


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