Summa Curiosita for 5/1

  • Unless you’ve been offline for the last week, you know that The Gospel Coalition 2009 conference audio is now available online for free.  Not only are the talks excellent, but you can’t beat the price!   (I can still remember when people were charging $5 per download a few years ago . . . )
  • Speaking of conferences, a couple of guys over at the Desiring God blog are live-blogging the messages at the Children Desiring God Conference.   Lord willing they will also have the audio up soon.
  • One more on conferences.  If you haven’t yet registered, you should really think about going to Alistair Begg’s Basics Conference.  Though not as big as some other conferences, I have attended every year but one and have always come away edified and encouraged.  This year’s speakers are Begg himself, John Lennox, and John Piper.
  • One of my favorite professors at SBTS was Dr Tom Schreiner.  Recently his son, Patrick, celebrated Dr Schreiner’s birthday by writing a short article about what he loves best about his father.
  • 9 Marks put out their most recent e-journal on a subject I have long-wanted to look at more: multi-site churches.  Anything that looks less than traditional is trendy right now, but does that make it good?   Hopefully 9 Marks’ e-journal can offer some helpful thinking about this issue.
  • Monergism Books is offering FREE shipping this weekend.   After putting at least $25 worth of merchandise in the cart, type MAY2009 in the coupon box.
  • Finally, while I was recently searching for some discipleship material on Amazon, I came across a series of cd’s of family worship music called Seeds.  I was curious about it and did a Google search, turning up a whole ministry based on these cd’s.  The songs are catchy, modern tunes with the lyrics being from one or two Bible verses.  They’ve also posted some “music videos” to go along with their two of their songs –

Have a great weekend, and an encouraging Lord’s Day!


  1. We don’t have any of the Seeds Family Worship cd’s, but I know of families who highly recommend them! Too bad McD’s wasn’t passing out these in their Happy Meals! Maybe we can suggestion that to Chick-fil-A! :-) I’m thinking…maybe a great thing to pass out at a vbs!

  2. The new packaging comes with an extra cd to give away. We were trying to figure out who to give it to, so If you want it, let me know!

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