Simple Apologetics

Defending the faith (Christian apologetics) can be difficult, and certainly this should not be seen as an end all, nevertheless, Tony over at the Miscellanies blog presents a deceivingly simple, yet profound approach via our good friend, Mark Dever.

Here’s a snip, check out the whole thing.

Upstairs a conference was taking place and pastor Mark Dever had invited anyone who was questioning the faith, or skeptical, to join him in the conference basement where they could ask him any questions they wished. I was here to listen.

The 20 chairs filled up quickly, mostly with college students, gathered in a circle of strangers, filling the room with awkward, anxious silence. But it didn’t take long for Dr. Dever to begin, to greet each individual personally, and to invite the questions.

The stories represented in the room were diverse. One young man had grown up in the church, but towards adulthood became increasingly skeptical towards the church. One young woman talked about her struggles in her transition from Eastern religions to Christianity and how she was not convinced Christianity was an improvement, or if the transition was worth the hassle. Another young man was interested in the faith but held tightly to questions that he believed contradicted the inerrancy and validity of scripture.

I don’t recall all the specific questions that were asked (there were many questions), but I clearly recall one moment when Dr. Dever responded to one question with a very simple answer—“Yes, I do believe in that, because Jesus said it happened, and I’m with Jesus.”

At that moment something in my mind “clicked.” Like the first marble dropping in a Rube Goldberg machine, Dever’s statement set off a series of mental and spiritual connections. I scribbled in my notebook one simple line: “I’m with Jesus.”

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