Theologians Update

Every so often, I highlight a specific theologian for which his blog is named.   Here I try to show why the individual has had a lasting influence on the church over the years. Yesterday I updated the Theologians page to feature John Calvin.

2009 will mark the 500th anniversary of Calvin’s birth and celebrations and reflections are planned, along with the publication of several new works to mark the event.

The pastor-theologians over at Reformation21 are encouraging us to read through Calvin’s Institues of the Christian Religion through 2009.  A worthy goal indeed.  You can get a reading schedule and follow along with some observations and commentary at the Calvin Blog.   Even now, you can read a list of ten reasons why this is good idea (by Ligon Duncan).

Other resources on the Theologians page will point you to online articles and audio along with specific books that will help you understand and appreciate Calvin.

I have begun to prepare for the ‘year of Calvin’ by reading Parker’s biography (amazingly enough found at a branch of my public library!).   Mark Dever once recommended this as the best Calvin biography in English.

Whether you are already an admirer of Calvin or not, I hope you will take a little time to get to know the Christian leader who is still influencing God’s church 500 years after his birth.

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