Free Calvin Audio Book

Every month offers a free, downloadable book.  This month, it’s a selection from Calvin’s Institutes – On Prayer and The Christian Life.

Here is what the webstie says about this selection:

“Let the first rule of right prayer then be, to have our heart and mind framed as becomes those who are entering into converse with God.” So begins John Calvin and his treatise on prayer. These seminal writings are from his Magnus Opus The Institutes of the Christian Religion. Prayer as Calvin describes it is not giddy, and he goes on to give Scriptural definitions of proper thought, engagement, and attitude. What do the roles of patience and self-denial play in the role of the Christian life and what does Christian piety look like? What should our views be of the present life and the future life? John Calvin is one of the giants of Christian history. These two sections of The Institutes guide us ever so thoughtfully and gracefully into his theology and practice of Christian living. Wonderfully narrated by James Adams, these are sure to both challenge and encourage one to a fuller devotion to Christ.

Having read virtually all of the Institutes, I have to say that these are two of my favorite sections.  It is Calvin at his best – steeped in biblical theology, yet imminently pastoral.  Though, his writings are often thought of as ivory-tower theological thinking, virtually everything Calvin wrote was for the people in the pew.  And it was teaching that history shows energized hundreds of Christians in Geneva and hundreds more who went back to their homelands and planted churches where Protestantism was illegal.

Even if you’ve never read anything by Calvin, give this a try – after all, it’s FREE!

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