Free Book and Tough Love

Mark Driscoll is writing a new book on a very controversial and often-not-talked-about-subject: pornography and masturbation. Pornography is often talked about, but its hand-maiden (did I just say that?), masturbation, is often left out of the discussion.

Part of our unwillingness to discuss the issue, I believe, lies in the ambiguity about it among evangelicals.  Some Christians, like James Dobson, think there is nothing wrong with masturbation in moderation.  While others like, Joshua Harris, think it is sinful – part of the sexual immorality decried in the Scriptures.  But I also think that because it involves sexuality we are hesitant to speak about it in public.  This is odd to me since ministers will often speak of protitution and adultery but not masturbation.  For many reasons (well presented by Harris), I think masturbation is sinful.  I’m not sure where Driscoll is on the issue, but I think just talking openly about it will be helpful.

Of course, the free book – Porn Again Christian – deals with more than just masturbation and pornography.  According to the chapter titles, seems to address the larger issues of lust and sexual sin.  Chapters will be released one at a time on the net and will be available as pdf downloads.  Driscoll is not known for stodgy, dry writing!  This book is all but gaurenteed to be a thought-provoking, engaging, biblically-driven book on a problem that is all too pervasive in culture and the Church.

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