The Message of Job

John Piper is not only known for his rigorous theology, passionate preaching, joy-driven living.  He is also known for his poetry.  Every year he composes a narrative poem as a Christmas gift for those in his congregation.

A while back he did one on Job.  Now, that poem has been given a ‘face-lift.’  Sometimes you wonder about the seemingly constant repackaging of previous goods.  But, this time it was clearly worth it.

Piper’s poetry not only gives a robust theologically-pastor counsel from the book of Job, but now Christopher Koelle has brought an stronger emotional life to the work through his illustrations.

You can check out everything about the book, the audio, and the special art prints that they offering at a special website.

The biblical book of Job provides an intense look at the pain of life and sovereign goodness of God.  It’s the perfect buttress for those who would suffer.  Piper and Koelle have helped bring the book alive for many.

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