Summa Curiosita for 9/26

Often there are several things that I find interesting as I troll around the web throughout the week.  And while I sometimes point them out in individual posts, I thought it might be better to take put them all together in one post.  This is not an original idea, but a fun one nonetheless!

So here’s the summa curiosita (all things interesting) for this week:


Michael McKinley offers some reflections on reports for pastors reminding us “Don’t judge your ministry by the fruit you see in front of you.”

Roger Duke offers some interesting quotes from the Southern Baptist ‘hero’ Basil Manly, Jr.

The newest issue of Themelios came out in an online form, available in html and pdf formatting.

Answers in Genesis provides some helpful information on the issue of global warming, discussing the science as well as the social issues surrounding this controversial debate.  Most importantly, they speak to the Christian’s response in light of the ethical dilemmas involved.

Finally, Bible Mapper is a really cool application that allows you to design your own Bible maps!  Here is what the website has to say about it:

Bible Mapper is a fully interactive, highly accurate Bible mapping system that helps you quickly and easily create customized maps of the Holy Lands or study a particular period and aspect of Bible history. With Bible Mapper you can:

  • select the types of standard map objects you want to appear on your map (cities, mountain peaks, rivers, roads, political boundaries, etc.)
  • select terrain imagery (relief and elevation, satellite land cover, etc.) or even load your own
  • select which biblical eras to display (only those cities and boundaries that existed during that period will be displayed)
  • change the color or style of almost any object on your map, including the terrain
  • create your own custom objects (or make a duplicate of a standard object) right on your map, including points, lines, areas, and ellipses, and apply a uniform style to it from a style library
  • place your own photos or other images right on your map and add a caption and arrow
  • texturize your lines or boundary areas, allowing the underlying relief to be combined with it
  • import basic geographic data (points, lines, areas, etc.) created by other software and customize it on your map
  • print, save, or export your map, or copy it to the Windows® clipboard
  • quickly calculate the exact distance of a road, river, or custom line object+ find a place from biblical times just by clicking on it in the Find box
  • read an encyclopedia article about a biblical place

The best part is that Bible Mapper is FREE!

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