Vacation & Greatest Hits

Well, I will soon brave the aftereffects of Hurricane Fay and be heading down to Florida to spend a week with my in-laws on vacation.  I have no idea what the internet situation is down there, so The DEAD THEOLOGIANS SOCIETY may be silent for a while.

That being said, let me give a special shout-out to all of you not in North America.  Thank you for reading the blog!  Until I put up the ‘Where are you?’ widget, I had no idea so many people from such diverse places were stopping by.  I hope you’ve found something useful here!

That brings me to my final point in this post.  While I’m away I thought it would be fun / interesting / enlightening [<-that’s-as-close-to-emergent-as-i-get] for people to leave a comment on their favorite or most helpful post or link.   It may spark some readers to go exploring into uncharted regions, or give me direction on what to emphasize in the future.   Or no one could leave a comment and this post will be a big waste of time :-)

However it turns out, thanks for reading!  And depending on internet availability, see you in a week or so.

God’s riches blessings,


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