New ESV Study Bible Blog

A while back, I wrote about the new English Standard Version (ESV) Study Bible that will be coming our way this October, and why I thought it will be the pace-setter for study Bibles from now on. Now I want to give you some updates on what’s going on with it.

First, there is a new blog devoted to the ESV Study Bible. Here, you keep track of all the news, free offers, and interviews that Crossway keeps putting out (thanks guys!).

Second, in case you’re slow getting to the blog I wanted to provide some links for what’s available now to preview out of the ESV Study Bible….

>The introduction to the book of Psalms and the notes for Psalm 1

>The entire book of Jonah is available (introductions, notes, etc)!

>The introduction and notes for chapter 1-12 of Ezekiel.

>Sample pages from John chapters 1 and 18, highlighting inline maps.

>The introduction to Luke’s Gospel.

>The introduction to the book of Revelation.

>A diagram and detailed description of a synagogue (ever wondered what kind of place Paul was preaching at all those Saturday nights?)

>And a very cool introduction to the Study Bible as a whole via YouTube:

I was glad to read on Justin Taylor’s (the managing editor) blog that Crossway intends to give more, not less as the release date approaches. So don;t be a stranger to the ESV sites!

October just can’t come soon enough this year!


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