Prince Caspian Coming Soon!

Prince Caspian – the second of the films from the Chronicles of Narnia series – will be in theaters this May.

If you’re not aware, a few decades ago C. S. Lewis wrote a series of children’s fantasy books called the Chronicles of Narnia. These books are not only great literature but also serve as an allegory for the Christian life. Gene Veith has a great article helping bring out the spiritual meaning of Prince Caspian.

For more information on the books and resources for enjoying the books or using them with your family or church go here (some of it is free). For more substantial resources that you can purchase, go here.


  1. Quite possible the very best name for a blog on WordPress! Dead Poets Society is one of my favorite movies…a nice twist on the name. I plan on spending the next few days checking out your blog…thanks for your obvious passion and desire to share God’s Truth with a world in such desperate need. “Further up & Further in!”


  2. thanks for the high praise, brother! i hope you find some useful items as you peruse my humble site over the next few days. blessings!

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