Basics 2008 Speakers Announced

For nine years now, pastor Alistair Begg has hosted an annual pastors conference at his church in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Having missed only one of those conferences, I can say that they are always an encouraging and profitable time. This week, the speakers for next year’s conference were announced.

Speaking on the topic, “Preaching the Gospel to Ourselves: The Gospel in the Heart and Mind of the Pastor” will be:

Jerry Bridges

In many ways, Bridges has become the ‘father’ of preaching the gospel to oneself. It is something he has advocated and explained in his books, helping Christians to wage war on sin and remain strengthened by grace.

Bridges has written several books. Some of them have become contemporary classics like Disciplines of Grace, The Pursuit of Holiness, and The Gospel for Real Life. One of his most recent books – The Great Exchange – focuses on the substitution of Christ’s life for his people. All of his books are always helpful, providing practical help from a sound biblical and theological base. All of them help Christias take practical steps to grow closer to God, and live lives that are more obedient to him.

Voddie Baucham

Voddie Baucham is a ‘rising star’ among many evangelicals. I first him speak a few years ago at the SBC Pastor’s Conference, and he rocked. Baucham is an incredible communicator (=preacher!), but more importantly, what he says is worth hearing. I have heard many so-called ‘great speakers’ that were able to hold one’s attention, but what they had to say was not all that great. Baucham is a Bible-man through and through. He has written some outstanding books and is known for his approach to defending the faith called expositional apologetics and his biblical approach to family discipleship (his new book, Family Driven Faith is excellent!).

Alistair Begg

Where does one begin to describe Alistair Begg? I first heard him, the very first week of my freshman year in college. He was the Fall Bible Conference speaker at Cedarville University and he was simply brilliant. I had never heard such preaching. He was thought-provoking, theological, up with current events, and a master at applying the biblical text to the lives of college students. Since then, I have listened to more of his messages and found he can apply the Scriptures to all kinds of people. Begg is a pastor’s pastor. He sets the mark high for faithfulness in ministry and a love for God and his people.

Hearing any one of these men would be a treat, but to hear them all together will be incredible. I know T4G will be a few weeks before this and many will go there. If your budget allows, make this a priority. Given the topic and the speakers, I think the benefits will be worth it.

More details about the conference will be available at the Parkside Church website in November.


  1. This looks really good. I’ve been wondering who the speakers would be for ’08, but somehow I missed the announcement. I’ve been to The Basics conference for the last two years and have really enjoyed them. I heard Baucham last year, and I agree with your assessment of him. T4G is wonderful and part of me really wants to go, but after four years at SBTS, sometimes I want to branch out and be exposed to people I didn’t hear when I was in Louisville.

  2. hey thad, thanks for the comment. when were you at sbts? i was there from 99-03 in the adv mdiv (theology) program. could we have had a class together?

    i understand the sentiment. i love listening to dever and mohler, and especially love the exposure to the sovereign grace guys. but, i really do enjoy the basics conferences. they are not as big, but i wind up seeing several people year after year and get a great variety of speakers, that i probably would never have heard otherwise (like dick lucas and eric alexander).

  3. I was there from 01-05 in the school of theology, so our paths might have crossed. Who knows, maybe they’ll cross again in Cleveland.

  4. thanks bruce. were you there to hear the announcement of the speakers or did they post it online? i really enjoyed the conference – the main sessions as well as the workshops.

  5. well, bruce, since you’re the only person i know who works at parkside, please convey my sincere thanks to everyone for the basics conferences every year! i have been coming since 2000 and only missed one year. every year is a refreshing time of reflection, challenge, and encouragement. the workers all treat us very well with humble spirits of servant-mindedness and joy. the speakers are great, the free resources are great, the food is great! one couldn’t ask for more in a conference. blessings to you all.

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