Driscoll Announces New Book(s)

Over at his blog on the Resurgence website, Mark Driscoll has announced several books slated for the coming year and into the future.  

Those that may not know, Driscoll is pastor of Mars Hill Church in Seattle.  Driscoll has traveled an interesting road to be where he is as the senior pastor of one of the largest, multi-site churches in the US.  As a result he has become contraversial for many in both the emerging and evangelical camps. You can read about it in his earlier book, Confessions of a Reformission Rev Personally, I may not agree with all of his methodology, but I love his passion for God and lost, and believe his theology is straight down the line.  So, I am a fan.

His new books are part of an on-going series of titles under the series, Re:Lit (Resurgence Literature).   The first two books are based on sermon series Driscoll has done on Christ.  The first book is Vintage Jesus, which is already available for pre-order from Crossway (about a month our, it will probably – hopefully! – include a free pdf version).

The next book will be called Death by Love and is based on his series of sermons called “Christ on the Cross.”  It examines various effects of Jesus’ death for his people.  Driscoll takes $10 theological words and concepts like justification and propitiation and explains their significance in the context of real people and real sin.

Long term, Driscoll will be working on a line of books called, Books You Will Read.  These will be short and designed for the non-, new-, or young Christian on essential topics of the Christian faith. 

All of them have the potential to be excellent resources for people in the pew, introducing them to important biblical truths in accessible ways.   I’m looking forward to them!


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