Excellent Interview on Baptism (Infant vs. Believers)

Dr. Stephen Wellum (prof. of theology at SBTS) was recently interviewed by Justin Taylor. The interview is excellent, covering the broader issues that separate those Christians who practice infant baptism and those that practice believer’s baptism.

In the course of the article, Wellum covers quite a bit of theological ground, providing thoughts on the ‘covenant of grace’ and hermeneutics. He provides what I think is a fair critique of some reformed thinkers who tend to ‘flatten’ the various covenants into one.

Some of the people commenting on the interview ask some fair questions, but others I fear missed some of his points and carry out old arguments that do not hold much weight. Others failed to correctly grasp Wellum’s defining of certain terms.

A more in-depth discussion of these issues can be found in the book Believer’s Baptism: Sign of the New Covenant in Christ. Check out the article, and if it whets your appetite, pick up the book.


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