BOOK WATCH: Literary Study Bible (ESV)

In the next week or two, Crossway Publishers will release the ESV Literary Study Bible. Unlike other study Bibles, this one is not driven by study notes at the bottom of page explaining phrases or words. Instead, this Study Bible is designed to drive readers into the text with souls panting for the Word of God.

Each book of the Bible is given a thorough introduction, including charts and comments on the various literary forms. Then, each major section of the book begins with a synopsis of the content and teaching of the section, preparing the reader for what he or she will encounter. Tips are given for how best to appraoch and understand each major portion of Scripture. Again and again, the Literary Study Bible tries to help Christians get into the text of God’s word and benefit from reading it.

The editors are father and son, Dr. Leland Ryken and Dr. Philip Ryken. One teaches English at Wheaton College and has previously written about the various literary forms of the Bible. The other is pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church and has written several theological and practical works. Together, they are well-suited to bring us such a new and wonderful Study Bible.

Amazon is offering a pre-order price of 34% off, making the Bible $32.99 with free shipping. Sounds like a pretty good deal.

(Crossway offers a downloadable brochure for more info).

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