FREE Audio Resources!

While many of you will have already discovered this . . . .   Sovereign Grace Ministries is making ALL of their downloadable audio resources FREE!   That means a hundred sermons, seminars, and conference audio on everything from spiritual warfare to raising children to starting a women’s ministry.   This is an amazingly generous move on the part of Sovereign Grace and we should give thanks to God for it! 

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Sovereign Grace Ministries, you can check them out here, or check out some of their churches (here, here, or here).  Simply put, they are a reformed, humble, gospel-centered groups of churches that desire to exalt Jesus with their lives and ministries.  Their teaching is rooted in the Scripture and is marked by a passionate desire bring glory to God in every area of life.

I would encourage any Christian who desires to grow closer to God to spend some time with these messages.  But, if you are in ministry, this is goldmine that cannot be missed!

Here are some of my favorite downloads –

Together for the Gospel Conference (2006)

“The One To Whom I Will Look” – C. J. Mahaney

“True Greatness” – C. J. Mahaney

“How Does a Pastor Build An Evangelistic Church” – Jim Donohue 

“The Real Worship Wars” – Bob Kauflin

“The Functional Centrality of the Gospel in the Life of a Local Church” – Mike Bullmore 

Sovereign Grace Leadership Team 


  1. I have been on the internet for the past three days trying to find some free audio sermons on Church History. The kind they teach in Bible college. I have incomplete notes from Bible college for my husband David that were from his classes in 1974. He says Church History is pretty “standard” and that it shouldn’t be a hard thing to find. But guess what? It IS. When I put in “Church History” I get hundreds of hits for the history of every known church out there in internetland. I just want straight, down-to-earth “Bible History” as it is taught in a Bible College. Can you help me?

  2. yeah, i can. i just got back into town from being in africa for 2 and half weeks, so give me a few days and i will give you links. in the mean time, check out the online seminary section on my blog and look in the church history section. blessings!

  3. hi kathryn,
    finally made it back to your comment! the best place i think you can go for church history talks is’s audio section.

    also, i really like anything michael haykin writes/says on church history. you can check out his talks on sermon audio. be aware that you will have to register to download the files (left click for options, as opposed to right clicking), though this is still a free site.

    hope this helps!

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