D. A. Carson – A Scholar's Scholar and a Pastor's Pastor

D. A. Carson is one of my favorite writers and preachers. He is comfortable in both the halls of academia and the pulipts of churches around the world. And both are better off for him being there. I have probably learned more about God, the Bible, and how to live the Christian life from his books and sermons than any one pastor or professor I have had.
Recently, Mark Dever (pastor of Capitol Hill Baptist Church in Washington, D. C.) has waxed eloquent about why Carson is important to the church, and given us a preview of one of his new books. Go check out Pastor Dever’s blog and you’ll see why Carson is one of those few men who can truly help lead you closer to Christ.
You can also listen to some of Carson’s sermons and read some of his popular and more scholarly articles and essays at Christway Media. All of his books are available at Amazon.com.


  1. yes, everything i read in his books, or hear from his sermons is always biblical and helpful. and having met him briefly at a book signing once, he seemed humble to boot!

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