Reforming the Church Hip-Hop Style

Until about 40 mintues ago, I never cared for anything related to hip-hop or rap. I have to admit that I did enjoy some of the beats, but the subject matter usually left much to be desired. However, I stumbled across a group called Christcentric that blew my mind.
Arriving at their website, I clicked on the first song – ‘Mighty Fortress’ (yes, it is THAT song!). Against the backdrop of ominous beats and rhythm, the song opens and I hear R. C. Sproul’s voice declare “A mighty fortress is our God … as Luther composed that great hymn while reflecting on the context of Psalm 46.” Then comes the slightly altered/modernized, but nonetheless powerful, words of Luther’s hymn set to a relentless, slow but driving hip-hop sound. Suddenly I was hooked.
The full album is called “City of God” – yes from THAT book by THAT church father! And over and over again, I was amazed by the depth of words presented in the distinctive hip-hop style. Christcentric calls for the Church to continual reformation in a way that would make many preachers envious. Now, if I can just find these guys in concert…. soli Deo gloria!

Be sure to check out the groups statements of faith and mission while you’re downloading their songs to your ipod (they’re better than most Churches’).

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